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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brief history of Gainsfield Chess and Language Center

An opportunity in the offing
Two enterprising Filipinos have set up a new chess and language center   --
2nd January 2011

Two enterprising Filipinos, who have enjoyed their life in Thailand for 5 years as English educators, have finally decided to work in a partnership and pool their stringent resources to set up Gainsfield Chess and Language Center in the heart of Nonthaburi, located at the 5th Floor of Pantip Plaza in Rathanatibet Road.
You might be curious to know who these people are and how their elusive dream came to reality? Well, Henry is the undisputed No.12 Filipino chess player in Thailand and No. 2058 in the world as recognized by FIDE (World Chess Federation) He is a regular organizer of open chess championships in Thailand participated in by chess enthusiasts and expatriates alike. Recently, he organized the 4th Grand Prix, an open Chess tournament, which starts on the 9th of January 2011. Henry owes a lot to chess for it has made him what he is now. That's the reason I guess why he puts his heart and mind into promoting it.
Roland, on the other hand, was a former Montessori School owner, a college instructor in the Philippines, community service volunteer, English camp organizer, and an English Instructor from Rajabhat University rolled into one.
The two Filipinos were destined to meet one day and agreed with one another, "Yes, why don't we work as partners and open Gainsfields - which could be a monumental place in Thailand - a very strategic training ground for Chess, Science, Math, English, Japanese, French, and Chinese. Who knows, the students we produce may develop and improve their critical thinking, becoming champions in their own way and pursuing excellence in all spheres of life.
Setting up Gainsfields in Thailand has been truly a gargantuan task for the two guys. In addition to the initial course of establishing the center, they also encountered a lot of communication problems which have led to numerous misunderstandings.
Of course, before plunging into this uncertain venture, a feasibility study was undertaken and it yielded very positive and encouraging results and gave the two guys the green light to pursue the opening of the center.
So far, the center has encouraged a number of students to enroll because it is advertised via the Internet, flyers, friends, and students themselves. At present, they have an inspiring number of students despite the fact that they only started two months ago. Fortunately, the center is in a very strategic location for chess and language eager beavers so that a day never passes without inquiries that end up in enrolment. Henry and Roland's optimism confidently make them speculate that in two years they will be able to break even and hopefully expand their services for the benefit of more students as well as jobless Filipino teachers. Similarly, they hope to move to a big building like the "Brain" so that they can serve more clients.
The school has teachers of various nationalities: 2 Americans, 2 French, 1 Japanese, 1 Chinese, 5 Filipinos, and 2 Chess teachers, Chanida Taweesupmun, Thailand's No. 1 woman chess player, and Henry Calacday himself.
As stipulated in the center's philosophy, the founders expect graduates who will gain sufficient knowledge in their respective areas and be champions in their own field of studies because of the scientific techniques employed by the teachers, notwithstanding the emphasis of practice which is a vital key to proficiency.
The center caters to the needs of all ages - kids to adults whether beginner, refresher, or advanced. What makes the center different from other learning centers in Thailand is that chess is being offered particularly to Thai kids who would be studying in a scholarship to be future grandmasters like World No. 1 , Magnus Carlsen of Norway, Bobby Fisher of America , Garry Kasparov of Russia, V. Anand of India, and Wesley So of the Philippines.
In the near future, the center will be needing staff to meet the demands of numerous clients that may come from government offices, private companies, and highly motivated individuals who may want to enhance their language skills in FEJC (French, English, Japanese, and Chinese) By then, the center will serve as a monitoring agency rather than merely functioning as a language center. So, if you will be out of job in the future and you want extra income, keep in touch with Gainsfields or call them on 08 963 2878. If you have children, nephews or nieces who would like to learn Chess, just call up Henry at his number. Better still, drop by the 5th Floor 5015 Pantip Plaza Bldg., Ngamongwan Road, Bangkhen, Nonthaburi.
Incidentally, Henry also wants to invite all Filipino Chess enthusiasts (newbies - expert) to participate in the 4th Grand Prix - An Open Chess Tournament for Thais, expatriates, and Filipinos to be held on THE 9th January 2010 at Gainsfields Chess and Language Center from 8:30 am. to 5:00 pm. Registration Fee is 300 Baht. Competition starts at 9:10 am. Late registrants can compete for the 2nd round with 400 Registration Fee. There will be 5 categories: Expert, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner, and Newbies. There will also be special events like Filipino Championship and Championship for Women. Trophies, medals, and certificates await the winners.